Investment Engineering

Investment Engineering invests in, operates and manages wind energy projects.
It develops green field projects at own risk and cost and in cooperation with third parties.


The business case is the beacon during the process from engineering until an operational investment project. Choices for a location, site layout, wind turbine product and power purchase agreements are key elements for investments over a periode of 25 years.


The process of engineering & design, procurement and construction is executed with specialised parties. The development of a project until it is taken into operation covers a wide spectrum of disciplines.
Landscape and social aspects play a significant role in this.


Investment Engineering manages and inspects wind energy projects based on long-term expertise. With minimal overhead, maximum care is spent on the assets of its customers. Our objective is to provide services on a cost-effective basis.

Renewable energy

Increasing social pressure on fossil producers and associated undesirable geopolitical tensions accelerate the energy transition. Cost-effective renewable energy and in particular wind projects offer price certainty for a period of 25 years after completion.

Climate Change Performance Index to be seen via this link.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Reducing CO2 emissions is an objective that is supported worldwide. Investment Engineering’s contribution goes beyond emissions-neutral business operations.

CO2 emissions since 2007, to be seen via this link.